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Product Name : #12

Name : Candice
Comments : I'm interesting in this cake for my wedding. What is the price for this wonderful cake     

Name : paulette
Comments : I'm interested in this cake for my daughter, and I would love to know the price so I can make preparations     

Name : Gloria
Comments : I'm getting married in july and im intrested in the price of this cake.     

Name : jewel
Comments : i am getting married july of next year and i am interested in this cake     

Name : lashanda
Comments : I am getting married on july 8 2011 and was wondering how much will this cake be?     

Name : Mary
Comments : I am getting married next year on June 25,2010 and I was wondering what is the price of this cake     

Name : chiquita
Comments : my wedding is june 25,2011 and i would love to have this cake and can you add a water fountian in the middle of the cake and how much will it all cost..     

Name : Krystal
Comments : I'm geeting married soon and would ike to know how much is this cake     

Name : Anjenita
Comments : I would like to know how much this cake is and how manyp people it serves     

Name : Noretia
Comments : How much is this cake and how many does it feed, colors are ivory and lilac.     

Name : Lakesha
Comments : I will be gettn married soon and i will like to know the price for this cake please.     

Name : Kristen
Comments : please let me know the price and how many people this cake feeds.     

Name : nancy
Comments : Hi can u please let me know how many people this cake feeds and price     

Name : Kim
Comments : Can you please provide the cost of this cake?     

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